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You should be really happy to find this site at this moment. You know why? Well, because AllJapanesePass currently runs a promo and lets you join their huge database for just one dollar! It’s pretty incredible, what do you think? Lot’s of images, movies and other stuff with Minami Kojima are there – you simply need that password to make things work. Oh and make sure you have some kleenex next to you – as you will be masturbating like evil while watching those images, man! You gonna be masturbator of 2012 :)

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you can enjoy all the movies of this girl in like five minutes from now. And that will include removing your pants and taking out your dick, and then starting gently massaging it. You wanna see it right now? you would like to masturbate like you never did before? WEll, Minami Kojima will give you this chance.. But first you will need to obtain your password. It’s nothing too hard, but you still will have to pay a little. I think currently the price is set to one dollar for the first few days, so it’s not too expensive, eh? :) Should be pretty good anyway!

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Do you know why this dildo have another branch there? Is it because it just looks good, or it’s because girl wants to be masturbated in to her ass at the same moment? Yes, you are right! Girl loves to be massaged on her ass, and you can see here very clear that the girl will take that dick inside :) And massage her beautiful, tight ass! Minami Kojima has lot’s of nice features on her body, she has nice tits, nice pussy and overall shape of her body is great. But do you think you would like to see her in sex scene? If yes, please don’t wait, click on the images, and enjoy..

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Sexy, innocent and beautiful chick is being raped on the beach. If you like that kind of porn, and I’m sure you do, you should enjoy all the ropes and screams out there. This girl will make it look like it’s a real rape scene – but it definitely not. The girl actually enjoys this type of Japanese BDSM, and she would like to repeat it everytime opportunity arises. I hope you will download all her videos from the site tonight, cause there is a chance they will be removed later. You never know what those guys from censorship department can tell you next. Maybe they will decide that this porn movie is too rough or something. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Anyway, I know you came her looking for some MinamiKojima porn, so please enjoy yourself, take down your pants, start masturbating, rubbing, or fapping – whatever suits your needs! And please do come back more frequently – we will have some more moviesĀ  with this girl for sure.. After all, she is one of the best Japanese pornstars, who hasĀ  those features… nice boobs, nice pussy :) Let’s enjoy it together!

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